Brawlhala And Lara Croft Tomb Raider Team Up In The Classic Crossover Ever

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 Brawhala is coming up with a grand event of crossover besides fixing the bugs and adding new features and improvements. The fans are pleased to hear Tomb Raider Epic Crossover Event Adds Lara Croft To Brawlhalla

The official event states that the crossover event highlights custom signature effects, a roster spot and offers additional skin, Survivor Lara Craft with its own two unique Weapon skins and lock-in animation. In the game, Lara will be mirroring Diana’s abilities and will stay at Mallhalla at the end of the crossover event.

Besides the Survivor Lara Croft skin and two extra Weapon Skins, and a unique lock-in animation, Lara also gets her dual pistols and fire arrows.

The animated podium, tomb steel hides a mystery inside it and even grants Kos.

The fans will be delighted to know that it is going to be more interesting with a new map called Temple Ruins. Another great aspect of this map is that it is free for all players and has three soft platforms as well as one main platform and two islands. Now players can also wave between platforms using a combo move Dash and Dash Jump.

The new game mode is called Temple Club; it is four-player and free-for-all. In order to climb up the map, the players need to battle opponents. But the players need to be careful as there are dangerous traps like the pressure plates. To win users have to score the highest score within three minutes.

Additional bonuses are given to those taking part in the events. The daily login bonus is 250 Gold and a Tomb Raider-themed UI Takeover.

The new update brings new test features to the plate. Experimental Cannon Kit gets numerous balance adjustments that make it more convenient to drop.

Brawlhalla’s new patch has made some upgrading on fixing bugs and on FX transition to Hattori Neutral Spear.

This week the update has included hatch, Yumiko, Ulgrim, sentinel, Fait, Val, and Brynn.

Brawlhalla is the biggest name in the free-to-play fighting game with cross-play and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. Since its birth, it has had several updates with interesting contents that are never boring.