Oprah Winfrey Acknowledged Her Pain On Her Ankle And Knee After She Fell From The Stage

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The darling show host of the popular talk shows tumbled down big time on the stage at her event on Weight Watchers a couple of days back and it sounded that she is still suffering from the fall and is suffering a lot. It is revealed by Oprah Winfrey that a lot of pain is experienced by her at the ankle and the knee after the incident. Oprah Winfrey Admits She’s Still In A Lot Of Pain After Stage Fall – It Did A Number On Her Knee And Ankle!

It is known to everyone that one report has been shared by the Hollywood Life that Oprah has been talking by walking around the stage as some words of wisdom are shared by her for the entire crowd. Suddenly, she stumbled backward and swung back unsteadily on her heels which she has been wearing and her whole body weight fell on the butt.

The event was continued by her barefooted as the troublesome shoes have been ditched but after some time, the fans came to know that she has been feeling excruciating pain because of that stumbling.

A video has been shared by her on her account in IG where she was seen interacting backstage with Jennifer Lopez who was the guest for the show. A caption was written by Oprah where she thanked Jennifer Lopez and told her to be age-defying and astounding who attended the show in a stunning yellow and rendered the word 50 a new meaning.

Her fall on the stage was also mentioned by her where she said that LA is illuminated. Despite the fact that she has fallen and has now been circulated in social media as a meme, still, the spirit and energy of the city has brought her up on the stage. She also said that she will be heading and apply some ice on her ankle and knee.

It is a piece of very bad news to hear as the followers are quick to respond and showered her with love and all the support she needed at that time.

According to an anonymous fan who took to social media and wrote that it is glad to see that she is not injured seriously and said that they are hopeful that it is not going to be very sore tomorrow. Other fans made an attempt so that she feels better and reminded Oprah that very big superstars like Jennifer Lopez herself who has been praised by her and also Queen Bay have met with similar kinds of accidents where they fell on the stage.

Prior to this, Oprah received a lot of help from her life partner for a long time Stedman Graham who came rushing from the backstage to help the star.

Even though the TV personality was very much standing up in her feet by the time he was there on the stage to help her, his sweet gesture while reacting to her tumbling down has been acknowledged by Oprah.