A Very Long Braid Has Been Rocked By Kylie Jenner As Her Hair Is Hanging Heavy On The Ground

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A long braid has been rocked by Kylie Jenner as the very length of the hair is making it crawl on the ground as people are pouring in on the social media platforms to give their comments about the all-new look. Kylie went for a vacation in the Bahamas and shared her photos on Sunday as she posed on the poolside. Her hair color was honey-blonde and the look has been loved by the fans. Responses and reactions poured in but not in the affirmative as the braid which has a Rapunzel-length has been displayed by Kylie. It has also been remarked by some of the fans that the look of the hair resembles a rat’s tail. It has also been suggested by others that she would drown and will be sucked under the water if she goes into the pool with that unique braid. Kylie Jenner Is Rocking A Ridiculously Long Braid — Her Hair Is Dragging On The Ground.

The curves have been fully displayed by Kylie in a bathing suit which is one-piece as her natural coloring and skin tone are complemented. However, for many of them, the braid happens to be a distraction as they glanced through photos of Kylie on her Instagram handle. Kylie boasts of a staggering 164.4 million followers on Instagram and the braid has not simply been felt by many.

A photo has been given below where we can see Kylie is sitting on a diving board while her hair is crawling on the ground.

It is even chimed by Khloe Kardashian that Kylie should dare to call her an extra anymore.

A remark also came from Jamie Lynn Spears while she thought Kylie’s hair resembles a snake.

More photos were shared continuously by Kylie where it can be seen that her hair was on the ground. The photo that is given below, the body has been twisted by Kylie and is bending to the poolside keeping her feet just over the water. We can also see the braid is hovering over the swimming pool.

Several other photos have been shared by Kylie. The picture which comes second in the slideshow that is given below one can find that the braid of Kylie is crawling on the ground. Comment has been left by a fan who said that the braid looks like a horse tail and she must get rid of it.

According to an anonymous fan that someone has probably lied to Kylie that her hair is looking good.

One of her photos was shared by Kylie with a frontal view. Her face was held by her hands and the braid could not be seen from the front. Still, it has been remarked by some of them that in the photo Kylie was not looking like herself.

One more photo has been shared by her on the Instagram wall which showed her long braid. Kylie also went on to share her photos on her Instagram story which sports that hair.

Fans were asked about their feedback about the very long braid of Kylie Jenner. They were also asked whether the look suits her or not.