A Delicious Meal Has Been Shown By Rasheeda Frost Right Out Of The Frost Bristo In The Video

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Rasheeda Frost along with her husband Kirk Frost is very proud of Frost Bristo, their restaurant. The fought hard for this dream which has finally come true and finally it all happened last year. Rasheeda Frost Shows Off Another Delicious Meal From The Frost Bistro.

The venue has been advertised by both of them on their accounts in social media and the majority of the fans are very happy as they visited the restaurant and were all praise about the food, services along with beverages.

The latest post by Rasheeda can be checked out which features a delicious meal right out of Frost Bristo.

On this weekend, a caption has been posted by Rasheeda which she has shared where she says that tonight she is going to have Chef’s Special Pasta Seafood coming from Frost Bristo with shrimp and lobster topping as she checked-in by 1 a.m.

It has been exclaimed by an anonymous fan that the dish looks delicious. He also said that he is coming to Atlanta for the dish only. It has been posted by another fan that the food is a hell of a lot of exciting and looks like a bomb. He also went onto congratulate her and also her husband.

According to another follower who asked whether she will there at the restaurant tomorrow. The fan is coming far away from Montreal in Canada. Another fan said that the plate is looking really good but she is looking even more exquisite than the dish.

According to another commentator who took to social media and said that they will be joining them on Sunday as they are coming from Chicago and hopes that they will be able to catch a glimpse of them. He also said that he is in love with her swagger.

Another fan took to social media said that the dish looks yummy and wished that he could eat that and it is a dream for them to come to Bristo and wants to meet her as they are in love with Rasheeda from the very first day onwards.

Another fan kept on gushing about the food and said that as soon as she wakes up she wants to come over and have that delicious dish. The dish looks damn good and very yummy.

A lot of her fans were all over again impressed by Rasheeda recently when her secret for the beautiful natural hair has been shared by her.

The goal for the Boss Lady to have waist-length hair for herself as she is getting closer to her goal as each day passes by.