The New Track Of Billie Eilish Beats The Latest Album Of Justin Bieber In The Recent Public Poll

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Everyone is well aware of the fact that the Grammy award winner musician Billie Eilish is a great admirer of Justin Bieber’s music and the successful discography. However, as suggested by Billboard, fans of the pop star have chosen her work over Justin’s.

According to Billboard, fans vote and decide that Billie Eilish’s new James Bond theme song is better than the new Justin Bieber album by a huge margin.

Following his hugely successful record releases in 2015, Justin recently released his brand new record, named ‘Changes’.

Two-thirds of the people voted in the poll, elected Billie’s themes song for ‘No Time To Die’ over Justin Bieber’s new album.

According to the reports, the new album of Justine earned as low as 16% votes and the rest of the votes were shared by artists like Tame Impala, Sam Smith, and Monsta X.

Fans of both Justine Bieber and Billie Eilish know that both the have always supported each other’s careers since their first encounter at Coachella last year. Even, during an interview with Zane Lowe on the 14th of February, Justin mentioned his support of Billie.

Justin also stated in the interview that he has always wanted to make sure that Billie felt comfortable through her journey in the music industry. In other words, Justin wanted to convey that it was very important for him to protect Billie, which he will be continuing in the future as well.

As remarked by him, he doesn’t want Billie to ‘lose it’ and also not to go through the painful experiences that he had gone through during the initial stage of his career.

To this interview, Billie responded with the clip and an old picture of her wearing Justin Bieber merchandise.