Sakura Wars is All Set to Release in April 25 Years After Having Completed 25 Long Years in the Market and Fans are Psyched to Experience Nostalgia with Their Childhood Game Franchise

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In recent news, Sakura Wars Is Set To Release This April Rekindling Fans Love For This Old Franchise, After 25 Years The Masterfully Crafted Franchise Returns TriumphantlyAs they expand their franchise, even more, fans cannot wait to get their hands on the new release. The title is expected to release exclusively on PlayStation 4 scheduled for April 28, 2020. The series came into existence a whopping 25 years ago and did not take long to stir liking among fans because of its captivating storyline and tactical combats.

From the time of its conception back in 1996, the game has released a number of sequels and spin-off series along with the release of an anime series depicting the captivating universe of Sakura Wars. The upcoming release in April 2020 has many fans reminiscing and going on a nostalgic journey of a game they had played as kids. A gaming community that was considered extinct might as well make a return with the release of the game. Sakura Wars is known for its mastery in storytelling and the upcoming installment is also expected to live up to expectations.

The release of the new title is also a significant milestone as the commencement of one of the most successful franchises by Sega to date. The game is aimed to captivate both old and new players with their new narrative, design, gameplay structures, all of which hold a line of similarity with the original experience of the game series.

The series’ producer Tetsu Katano has said that the new game will be an introductory saga for new players. They want to give players a one-of-a-kind experience with detailed mobility and realistic characterization integrated through dynamic cut scenes. They also want the players to experience the storyline in a believable and pragmatic manner which resulted in the design to permit players to establish intimate communications with the girls in the game to build an emotional connection. The creative team of the game saw many famous personalities unanimously joining their team like Kohei Tanaka who is an active background scorer of many installments for decades including the popular Sakura Wars theme song. Other members of the creative team include Tite Kubo, the designer of the main characters of the game.

The game consists of many interesting characters that use the eclectic and dynamic LIPS dialogue system, something this particular series is widely known for. One of the main aspects of game characters that many game developers do not pay heed to is the dialogue delivery and demeanor in which words are expressed making the game all the more realistic.

The combat system of the game is captivating and eccentric and used colossal steam-powered mechs who are again charged by spiritual power. With a dialogue range so dynamic and combat so fast and accurate, the entire experience of the game is expected to be an extraordinary anime production leaving all players wanting to play more.

The previous titles from Sakura Wars were designed in conventional 2D-anime styles that used a regular tactical combat system, something that was pretty common in games during that time. This series comes updated in 3D and also includes visual enhancements and expressions along with a highly dynamic combat system taking players to experience the best game immersion ever.

If you are interested, go into the Sakura Wars official website for more information. The game will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 on 28th April of this year.