The Debut Title Of The Game Clock Drive Is Going To Be Launched In Steam On 26th February In Warlander

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Clock Drive Games is gearing up for the release of its first game that is going to be launched on 26th February on Steam. The game Warlander is a mix of the roguelike adaptability of Slay the Spire and the difficulty of Dark Soul. You become a hero who has resurrected in a quest to take revenge. Various abilities are used by players along with power-ups and one must receive an alert as the game brings the penalty of permadeath.

The world is unforgiving, bleak and dark. Players need to learn and master their own style of fighting which is unique as they get to travel through a journey that is action-packed as a hero who has been recently resurrected. The game is choc a bloc with an art style that is unique and an environment that is interactive that has pulled back the layers which come in rounds one after the other for a full experience which is re-playable. Clock Drive Game’s Debut Title Is Coming To Steam February 26, Warlander Is A Roguelike Action Adventure Game Set In A Dark Unforgiving World

The developers of Clock Drive Games are based out of an indie development studio in Serbia. They are actually on a mission as their dreams are turned into games and at present, the number of passionate game developers has risen to 30 who are working on the projects which are all major. The talents are debuting from the studio as a unique twist is shown by Warlander in the game which is based on sword-play and driven by story.

A steep promise comes with the game. In a statement released in a press release, Goran Rajsic, who is the Creative Director for the Clock Drive Games said that a perfect balance has been struck in the gameplay of sword-fighting in the progression system which is in-game and roguelike elements are punished that has captivated the essence of the particular genre and a twist has also been added to it. Being an indie developer engaging and fun gameplay has been put at the center of the experience of players.

Players find themselves in the midst of a unique journey due to the world which has been generated procedurally. All the opportunities and dangers are going to be the same, but in every play-through, the path will differ. Players must master and learn the combat system which is stamina based and unique or an immediate reset has been faced and they lost the original path.

Every death comes with the cost of experience and progress and as you play along the game gets even harder. You will be rewarded with new skills for slicing your enemies but it will be immediately taken away by death. The battle in the game is actually heartless as a new meaning is given to the meat grinder.

Enemies are sacrificed to the ancient God as they live there to keep on fighting time and again. A great job is done by the game which combines the challenge and skill by striking a beautiful balance as the death threat looms large all the time.

Later this month, it has been planned to release Warlander on Steam. More information is gathered by fans on the website of Click Drive Game and also on the Twitter feed, where updates have been posted for every fan to access it.