The Respawn Team Stuns Everyone With The Best Trailer Launch Of Apex Legends Season 4

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The season 4 of Apex Legends is the much-awaited 1st anniversary of the hit game Royal Battle and the latest trailer of ‘Assimilation’ has received a positive response. Apex Legends Season 4 Assimilation launch trailer is the best animated short yet from the respawn teamTo be released on 4th February, the trailer will set you up for the new legend, Revenant.

Respawn’s iconic animated style, Rendered in the new trailer showcases the transformation of Revenant, an ordinary human to the Simulacrum super-assassin.

Revenant is sent to Marcos Andrade, a Con Man and Thief for Hire, for 10,000,000 Apex Coins.

This transformation from an ordinary man to a hyper assassin robot, equipped with knives and the ability to climb up a glass wall, dissipating into a fog, turning to a kind of hellish creature, and burning with fire. In this context, the new abilities of the characters are pretty hard to tell, but it will surely be awesome.

The trailer consists of many teasers, like Respawn’s way of keeping the fans excited. Many scenes consist of Hammond Robotics and if you are a consistent player of the game, then you must know that the developer is bringing in some drastic changes.

A glimpse has presented through the trailer, in which Andrade’s daughter seems to be pretty angry. Her father has gifted her wolf, which in Portuguese is called ‘Loba’. Some of the leaks have suggested that Loba is certainly one of the next legends of the game, designed with voice lines and conceptual art that are already circulating the internet. The fans will definitely get to witness a return of this character, maybe a grown-up one and set to head into the Apex Games for avenging.

The game starts on 4th February. Apart from Revenant, some map changes are also going to be introduced, and a new sniper rifle along with a battled pass will also be introduced. Fans can surely expect a battle pass trailer to be released after some time, maybe on Monday.