Square Enix Gives A Small Peek At The Recording Of The Theme Song For The Final Fantasy VII Remake

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Along with a brand new trailer, Square Enix tweeted out something else as well that left the fans completely excited. Square Enix releases a behind the scenes look at the recording of the official theme song for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The video being shared was almost 5 minutes long which goes in-depth on the writing and the recording of the new musical piece of the Final Fantasy VII saga.

The video also brings together the legendary creative team which features some of Japan’s heaviest hitters.

The legendary Nobuo Uematsu who must be known to all Final Fantasy fans, compose the Hollow. Uematsu is the one who has co9mpsed the score for every Final Fantasy game which dates back to the original. He is the one who is behind the original score for Final Fantasy VII, and as well as for the soundtrack of the CGI movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

Kazushige Nojima, who is another one of Square’s heavy hitters has served as the scenario writer for the Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, and also the entire Kingdom Hearts series is the one who writes the lyrics.

For the vocals, there is Yosh, from the band Survive Said The Prophet and when he was further questioned as to why did he accept to take care of this project, he seems to be very excited to have become a part of it.

Yosh also explained about being terrifically happy about getting this project, as, after all, it is the remake of the Final Fantasy VII. He also added that it is his honor to play a part in such an iconic project that represents Japan.

Moreover, even Uematsu was extremely complimenting towards Yosh when he was being asked about the singer.

Uematsu went on to add that the sound of Yosh’s voice is fully appealing and that he has an amazing vocal range that would compel the listeners to think how high can this guy go. He also said that his appeal is completely different between the low, middle, and high ranges which makes him an outstanding choice for the project.

The song which has been sung by Yosh is a haunting, slow-moving, and emotionally powerful ballad that gets perfectly hit by Yosh’s incredible vocals.

Moreover, when Square questioned Uematsu about where he got the inspiration from to compose the song, his answer was the most fitted one that clearly painted an idea about the originality of the piece.

He went on to explain his statement and say that he could just visualize rain pouring over a barren and empty place, and that Cloud is standing there he added.

The trailer which got released features Hollow, which made Square dub it as the Theme Song Trailer. The four-minute trailer gave the audience an initial look for a number of characters, which also included the iconic party member Red XIII.

Moreover, the audience also got a glance at several Shinra executives like Reeve, Palmer, Scarlet, and Hojo.

The wait for the Final Fantasy VII Remake will finally be over on April 10, 202 as it would get a worldwide release on the PlayStation 4 on that very date.