In Early February In Japan Free Update Of The Complete Edition Of Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Will Come

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It has been announced by Bandai Namco that new content will be coming very soon to the Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Initially, the title got a release in 2018 February.

New scenarios will be included in the update of winter for free along with a new character and a new model. Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Complete Edition Free Update Coming Early February In Japan.

The announcement for the news came during a live stream of Bandai Namco which took place earlier this month. Details were not provided for the new content but there were images of weapon sinks and customers that were provided.

The details of the character Itsuki, Zeliska and Kureha are included in the live stream. In the game, all three characters happen to be there and are shown with brilliant sketches of their counterparts in the real world.

Takamine Momji is also known as Kureha who is the childhood friend of the protagonist and is very well known for her high level of skill in the game.

Sai Yukitsugu also is known as Itsuki is a very popular character in the game Gun Gale Online which has also featured in the series.

Hoshiyama Midoriko also known as Zeliska is a heroine who is part of the game. The player has got a lot of skills very much like the other characters.

A new scenario is also included in the free update of Winter. A new quest has been tried and taken up by the protagonists but Afasys (in localized North America it is called ArFA-Sys) was not able to speak more about it. It has been stated by the live stream that it has got a relation to the new quest.

Updates also came regarding ‘Abyss Dungeon’. This is the location where the players can start jumping right from the start so that their abilities are tested. The skills are leveled up by the players in ‘Abyss Dungeon’ as items are collected on their goals so that all the 50 levels are taken on for the dungeon. All four levels are saved by the save states as the game can be resumed by the players if they lost their lives in the process.

In Japan, the free update of Winter will be available on 3rd February for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet.

A third-person element of the shooter is introduced by Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet and it has got a dynamic experience which is very new. The hybrid shooter/RPG is unique which has got an action balancing gun which is dynamic and there happens to be swordplay with gadget and skill combat. Players are allowed by SAO: Fatal Bullet allows the players to dive fully into the interactive landscape which is immersive that Dimps has developed with online modes that are cooperative and competitive. The strength is proved by using air dashes, double jumps and a repelling from wall to wall so that the opponents are engaged online. The official game description that has been stated comes from the official Youtube page of Bandai Namco.

The availability of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet will be on Xbox One, Play Station 4 and PC via Steam. The release of a Nintendo Switch in Japan is planned for early February.