The Gloomy Occurrence Of The Royal Family Reflected By The Recent Affairs Of Meghan Markle

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For some reason or the other the Royal Family gets into news headlines, recently, it has been seen that Meghan Markle Reportedly Concerned About ‘Embarrassing’ Uncle Andrew. Not only this many gossips are coming up regarding Harry and Meghan’s exit from the senior position.

Those who are aware of the current affairs of the royal family knows that Prince Andrew has already been charged for sexual misbehavior with underage girls. It’s been investigated that Jeffrey Epstein, who mysteriously has killed himself last year in jail, used to provide Prince Andrew those girls.

According to some sources, this is the primary reason behind Meghan and Prince step back from their royal duties, their desire for financial independence may be the extra point added on. Some news reported that Meghan is disturbed by Andrew’s fame.

A few sources claim that the suits alum seems exhilarated to be away from the demeaning uncle. Meghan seems not happy with Andrew at all, a source has confirmed this. The other news confirmed that Meghan certainly doesn’t consider Prince Andrew as one of the great assets of the royal family.

Having said that, the starlet, who currently discarded a deal of filmmaking with juggernauts, Disney, is despondent for being departed from the other family members. Some sources claim that Meghan and Andrew were having problems since the very beginning.

Some news has confirmed that Megan didn’t like Andrew for his poor sense of humor, which is childish and awful. It has been reported that she used to frequently complain to her friends about him.

The matter got worse when in an interview with the BBC he has drawn his reference with Jeffrey Epstein. Immediately after the interview, Andrew was thrown out of the royal family despite his counterstatement of all the claims.

Even though things are not working well for Andrew, Megxit left a place for the Prince to come close to the Queen once again. Before this week, the FBI issued that the Prince has not shown any cooperation regarding the Epstein activities, this has stained Andrew’s reputation.