Justin Bieber Greets His Fans With His Tattooed Chest On Social Media Pictures

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The famous singer Justin Bieber recently tattooed himself and shared pictures over social media platforms. Justin Bieber debuts new chest tattoo and it’s hugethe tattoo has covered the entire chest area, up to his collarbones.

His recently posted picture on IG stories, taken in the bathroom has gathered a lot of attention.

It was a way of showing the fans his tattoo-covered chest. The overall design is Laurel wreath that makes it looks like a necklace.

However, the tattoo wasn’t the only matter of concern for the fans.

It also seemed that the singer has been spending a lot of time in the gym, as the impression cast by the toned body that was wrapped around by a towel at his waist.

Justin also showcases his well-structured arms in those pictures, the first of which showed the singer pursing his lips and the second one was captured with his tongue about to stick out.

While through this the worldwide fans got to know about him getting the tattoo done, some had already noticed it, while he was making his way out of the gym.

The eager fans had the opportunity of getting a glimpse of it way before he posted the pictures.

Well, this wasn’t the only thing that he wanted to showcase, people also got to see much more in his ‘mustache selfie’.