Fans Kept Gushing About The Baby Girl As Reign Rushing Posed With Toya Johnson

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The baby girl Reign Rushing poses with Toya Johnson as fans are awestruck about the cuteness of the baby girl. It has been said that Reign is getting smarter and beautiful with every passing day and it makes them happy as they can see them whenever they are on social media.

A fan was gushing about the baby girl who went on to say that Reigny Rushing is very beautiful and also blessed him. Another fan posted that the engagement ring was big which Toya got from Robert Rushing which makes a big statement that she is really engaged. Toya Johnson Poses With Reign Rushing And Fans Cannot Have Enough Of The Baby Girl.

According to another commentator who exclaimed that God bless the beautiful family of beautiful Toya. Another fan posted that she almost shares her birthday with Reigny as Reigny’s birthday is just a day after the fan’s date of birth.

It has been said by n anonymous fan that the little girl looked like Reginae looked like a mini version of Ray Janae. In an Instagram post, one fan wrote that the girl looked very beautiful as the fan praised her motherhood along with her own qualities also.

Another fan expected some tips from her about the baby.

Toya dished out some secrets to the fans about getting into shape.

She also spoke about some workout regimes for the mommy squad which can be done anywhere and anytime and are quite perfect. These are easy to cook meals as a lot of prep time is saved in the kitchen. She also asked everybody to join her on the journey to have a fit lifestyle which will make others get the FREE trial for 7 days which everybody will get today. All these things are captioned in Toya’s post.

Actually, as a matter of fact, Toy started working very hard than ever before. She also mentioned that 2020 is going to be a healthy year where she is planning to work very hard to have a healthy life.

One of the fans was very excited to see her getting ready for the marriage.

Toya’s engagement to Robert Rushing happened way back in the year 2019 and fans are anticipating that they get married this year.