Lucy Hale Revealed That She Had No Luck On The Exclusive Dating App While Trying To Match Up To John Mayer

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Lucy Hale, the actress who is 30 years old made an admission that while she finds it comfortable to be on her own shoes but in the past she was very scared to remain single and having said that it is quite sensible on her part to be on apps providing options for dating. Lucy Hale Reveals She Tried To Match John Mayer On Exclusive Dating App With No Luck

In a new interview given by her recently, a funny story was told by her at a time there was nobody with her except for John Mayer who tried to match with him on such an app.

Lucy loves to be single as of now as she will be dating people with whom she can be elevated in her life on the way or the other.

At a young age however she was desperate enough to have a romantic inclination towards someone in her life but her attraction was mostly towards people who are damaged and have been through a rough patch.

While doing a cover story with Cosmopolitan she revealed during the chat she only requires someone who is nice but she does not want a dud or a boring person.

She insisted on the fact that at this moment her focus is not on dating but the reason behind being on an exclusive dating app is primarily because she will get to see other celebrities fro time to time.

This is the time when the revelation came from the actress she is hoping to find John Mayer on the app and will try to match him.

The actress also confessed that John Mayer was on the app as she pressed the ‘yes’ option for him but it does not seem to be reciprocated by him. The actress also went on to say that his history of dating is not a concern for her as she loves to be drawn towards a talented musician and she does not care absolutely.

She also added that she remains true to herself while she is dating.

On various occasions, she has been told to grow long hair and she objected to it vehemently. She carried her tresses quite well. Other times her bold lip color has been questioned which she loved very much. She is very careless and is reluctant to be dressed up the way a man would like for her to be. She finds it cool to be dressed up the way she wants to.