Porsha Williams Reacted Publicly Following the Release of Video Footage of Dennis McKinley in Questionable Positions with Other Women While Pilar Jhena’s Dad Passed an Excuse on the Same

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As per allegations and video reports collected over time, Dennis McKinley of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame who is also engaged to Porsha Williams has always attracted trouble before the public eye.

A recent report alleging Dennis’ involvement in a cheating scandal hit the romance between him and his fiancé Porsha Williams at the foundation of their relationship. However, they reconciled and then got back together. Dennis reportedly cheated on the mother of his daughter Pilar Jhena while Porsha was pregnant with her.

However, in recent news, Dennis McKinley got into troubled waters and is being severely criticized for his defense comments.

A video is doing the rounds on the internet that shows Dennis, father to Pilar Jhena out on a late dinner date with four beautiful women where he is seen flirting with them with Porsha not present in the scene.

Porsha Williams Reacts After Dennis McKinley Is Caught In New Video In A Weird Situation With Multiple Women – Pilar Jhena’s Father Also Has A Clever Excuse For His Behavior that has him facing backlash from several critics and the general public. Radar Online first got their hands on the video and as per sources; the date took place in Atlanta in the Majestic diner at around 4 in the morning on the 4th of January, Saturday.

The snitch said that at around 4 in the morning, Dennis was seen entering the diner with four gorgeous women by his side and none of them was Porsha. The group of five has Dennis as the only man and everyone seemed to be flirting with him.

He also added that one of the girls who was wearing her clothes in black had her head on Dennis’s shoulder. It was as if he was out on a date with all four of them.

In fact, one of the women from the group confirmed that Dennis persuaded her through DMs as a result of which she agreed upon going on the dinner date. The insider who watched them closely said that Dennis was flirting with all the women at the table with very obvious demeanors and when the bill arrived for the drinks and fancy dinner that the group was enjoying all night, Dennis was quick enough to put it in his tab.

After the dinner got over, all five of them got into a black Escalade and left the venue. The car had a driver but Dennis did not take the driver’s seat.

Not very long ago, McKinley had defended his cheating habits on Porsha’s pregnancy and RHOA was quick enough to remember the comment.

One of Porsha’s fans and well-wishers said that she deserves someone far better than Dennis and the reason she is still trudging along with this relationship is because of Pilar Jhena and that she has settled for her fate.

Another follower said as per Biblical behavioral patterns, a man gets to know the real side of a woman when she is destitute and for a woman, it is when a man owns everything.

Another one pointed out this whole incident reflects the evil side of marriage and the meaning behind its foundation has been shattered. She also said that some women cannot live without dependency and that if a man shoes their real self the first time, they should be believed.

This social media user received contradicting points saying that Porsha and Dennis have been consistent with posting pictures and stories on Instagram for over two weeks. It is quite hard to believe that in spite of having a family, the fact that he gets time for four other women is surprising. The user also shared her concern and empathy for Porsha stating that if Dennis remains consistent with such behaviors, it is best for them to go separate ways and just raise their daughter through co-parenting. RHOA showed Dennis begging for forgiveness while fans are anticipating that the next episode will have him back in Canada giving Porsha the engagement ring back. Calling it ill-treatment she said that Porsha is going through a lot of public embarrassment, especially before her daughters.

After the incident, Porsha took to Instagram to say that nothing can stop her from staying happy in 2020 in a picture post to which Dennis asked if he cannot eat any longer.

Porsha, at present, looks like she wants to hold on to the relationship.