Hailey Bieber Shows Off Her Pierced Navel With Beyonce’s Ivy Park X Adidas

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It looks like the diva Beyonce has handed her new goods to the celebrity wife Hailey Bieber as she Wears Beyonce’s Ivy Park X Adidas — Shows Off Belly Piercing. The Daily Mail report suggests that Hailey was spotted all dressed in Ivy Park in Los Angeles that was exclusive Adidas merchandise.  Adidas recently made collaboration with the pop singer Beyonce. The sportswear company has officially launched new additional merchandises on Saturday, January 18, 2020. Beyonce has not stopped posting pictures wearing Ivy Park X Adidas clothing on her official instagram profile. Hailey so far did not upload any picture wearing that super flossy Ivy Park, yet Backgrid managed to capture a couple of stunning photos of her in a wine-colored crop top with sweat pants. The dress is beautifully stitched; the pants and top both are embroidered with neon orange stripes on the edges. She completed her look with wine and neon orange Adidas sneakers outing on an orange sweatshirt on top of it.

The supermodel, Hailey Bieber always endorses luxurious fashion brands. After marrying the pop sensation Justin Bieber, she has been seen rooting for Drew House (Justin’s clothing line), often covering herself with dresses of Drew House head-to-toe and posting pictures on social media to promote her family clothing line. There is a video uploaded on Youtube where celebrities included Hailey Bieber receives their Ivy Park clothes.

There are more pictures of the supermodel strolling in Los Angeles wearing the exclusive Adidas clothing.  She looked absolutely amazing; rocking in Ivy Park with her blonde hair pinned up on her head, pairing up with classy black sunglasses and a peaky belly button that was pierced and hard to be looked away.

Hailey Bieber has been making headlines for a while now since her wedding with the world’s sought-after pop singer Justin Bieber. Their relationship seems ideal and strong as ever. They share a deep and supportive connection with each other. Some fans assume that Justin Bieber might be affected by the hit album Rare of Selena Gomez.

Moreover, fans do not really keep the bad scene between Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez off as there has been an online skirmish between the two celebrities, but it is best to think that they are handlening it like adults and profess to be Christians. The future of this fiery relationship between Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez is murky but for now things are cold and the fans think it is best for them to lose all the ties. There is an exclusive picture of Hailey Bieber wearing the brand new Ivy Park X Adidas holding a glass of coffee. There are a number of flawless snaps of her in that exclusive clothing line taken by the Celebrity Curve.