Recent Leaking of Overwatch 2’s Release on Vancouver Titan’s Twitter Page Drops Hints Regarding Multiple Game Modes

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Blizzard released Overwatch 2 primarily as a PvE sequel to the popular game just two months back at BlizzCon 2019. Though the game is on its way towards reaching out to the gamers, the gaming community is highly looking forward to playing the upcoming game and trying out the new hero as well as the story mode. Although no concrete release date was announced during the launch of the game, third-party companies are busy anticipating the release date of the same.

Jeff Kaplan, the Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment and Game director of Overwatch, was flooded with questions pertaining to the on-process game sequel back in November. As the query regarding the expected release date of the game popped up, Kaplan simply said that they have “no idea”, adding that they were not aiming for a specific release date. Kaplan even added that the game Overwatch 2 was still in the making and it would still take quite some time before the game is fully ready for its much-anticipated release. Vancouver Titan’s Twitter Page Leaked Overwatch 2’s Release, Indicates Multiple Game Modes.

An interesting release date was tweeted by Vancouver Titans, Canada’s Overwatch League entry, for Overwatch 2. Although the date was deleted soon after, the screenshot of the infamous tweet continues to remain with the avid gaming community. As expected, the tweet sparked the excitement of the gamers over the increased possibility of the game in the current year. The tweet read as: “Overwatch 2 is coming this year, what is everyone more excited for?” They even went on to add further that, “We are excited for all the new game modes.”

Obviously, there are clear indications of the game’s release this year itself. Although the Titans did not spill the beans regarding the specific quarter of 2020 when one can expect the game to come in the market, the tweet is simply more than enough to ignite the craving of the gamers. Although the fans of the game are already speculating that the game Overwatch 2 would definitely be out this year, it would prove to be more rewarding if the same gets backed by some confirmation.

At the time of release, the PvE and the story mode were the sole confirm information available. Recently, Blizzard also added some information regarding a new PvP game mode for its FPS game. The tweet by Canadian Overwatch League mentions “all the new game modes”, which is being taken by the gaming community as a hint towards the availability of more than two systems.

In the current month too, the Brazilian PlayStation Twitter handle teased the forthcoming hero shooter released. In a tweet which was deleted later on, it states that Overwatch 2 will come to PlayStation 4. Perhaps, there is an excited confirmation that the next chapter is not exclusive to PlayStation 5.

All of these could be mistakes on the part of the social media managers, and Overwatch 2 contrary to expectations is not coming this year. Although the tweets could be assumptions as well, but the fact that the tweets pertaining to the multiplayer game have been dropped by two companies affiliated with Blizzard, it is sure to spark expectations amid the gamers.

Though the gamers are highly anticipating the release of the game’s sequel, the player base is not pressurising Kaplan or his team to finish the same. On Twitter as well as Reddit, fans are conveying their patience and sympathies, and hence, Blizzard is free to take its time to perfectly shape the game.

There still remains a lot of confusion regarding the matchmaking for both games when everything goes live. Kaplan also provided information regarding the cosmetics which the players have already unlocked, though further details are limited. During the course of the aforementioned interview, the Director even said that the team would “go dark” during the development stage.