Ubisoft’s Editorial Team Goes Through A Reshuffle For Better Developmental Scopes

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Ubisoft has recently broken up its editorial team that has provided consultation on their productions. Absolute Release: Ubisoft Reshuffles Its Editorial Team To Create Unique Games After Much Debacle on Game’s Same Theme and the game fraternity cannot be more taken aback. The decision was taken after bad sales on two of their Tom Clancy games. CEO Yves Guillemot said that that has been a substantial difference in the mind of the consumer and hence the decision.

However, it has been confirmed by Video Games Chronicles that Serge Hascoet, the chief creative officer at Ubisoft will continue with the position which automatically puts him as the head of handling their editorial team but after the implementation of the decision, he will be provided with many subordinates to make his role more efficient and functional. The recruits will have the freedom to exercise their ideas and Serge will be responsible for heading the entire team and the projects rather than distributing his time for individual projects.

This will be a new development cycle for Ubisoft and its single franchise games like Honor or Assassin’s Creed as they will have a chance to emerge as new entities with newer qualities and identities. An anonymous source confirmed VGC that their old framework was the output of a handful of key individuals from Ubisoft. The games often portray the emotional side of the players.

Say, for example, they have focused on introducing open-world simulations through their AAA offerings and their games comprising of long lives or services also add a lot of distortion to the overall gaming experience.

Ubisoft also clarified in a statement to VGC that their new team structure will push their employees to work along with agile standards that will help them focus on the various development teams based across the globe. Upon asking more clarity regarding the same, a Ubisoft representative did not budge from their previous statement much.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint that released in October became both critically and commercially popular. In of the conference calls led on by the heads and investors that took place in the end hours of October, Guillemot said that the game is experiencing its share of struggles with does not justify the moral values of the gaming franchise. The game also has some drawbacks as it lacks significant differentiation factors that did not help the game stand out in terms of intrinsic properties.

During this conference, Guillemot also said that their other game Watch Dogs: Legion is in the process of a delayed-release as opposed to their initial release date in March 2020. The release of two other games, Rainbow Six Quarantine and Gods and Monsters were also delayed and the dates were put closer to the launch time for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, all of which are expected to release in this year’s holiday season.

Guillemot also added that they are very proud regarding how these upcoming games are being constructed but at the same time, they would also like to ensure the developmental excellence in their work so that no innovation or designing aspects are left behind in the collective deliverables. He also confirmed that their teams needed in-between launch times of their games so that they do not hog on the contemporary releases.