Experience A New Genre Of Gaming With Ciel Fledge: A Daughter Raising Simulator, Arriving This February

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Taking the concept of another world to a whole new level, Life Sim games throw you into a gaming journey that is pretty relaxed compared to the traditional exploits of most of the video games; here you get to live a character’s life, in a true sense.

The game Ciel Fledge has been designed with a different concept because the central character is not you but your daughter as you get to find hope in the future as you raise your daughter in Ciel Fledge, coming late February 2020

The story features the timeline of a few thousand years into the future when there are no humans on the earth as the humankind has established beautiful cities in the sky, in order to protect them from an alien threat. Humankind is on the verge of extinction and at this point in the timeline, appears a young girl on the outskirts of the warzones. Her name is Ciel.

Here the users get to play the role of the parent of Ciel, whose job is to protect her, raise her, make her disciplined, and look after her evolution from a child to a fully grown woman. Through the entire journey, you have to take up various actions, in order to raise Ciel, such as scheduling her activities, encouraging her to make friends and many more.

Taking care of her mood is an important part of the process too. You need to provide her enough rest so that she doesn’t feel disinterested in performing the scheduled activities. You wouldn’t want to spoil her too much as well. Though the gameplay doesn’t actually reflect the hardships of parenting, yet it is pretty close to that.

Each and every phase of Ciel is unique; the minutest of your decisions will have an impact on the course of the game. As Ciel grows to become a woman, she will start having her own choices of things and friends. The better guardian you are, the better person Ciel will ultimately become.

The game has been designed with a match-3 puzzle game to provide the users with the trials of daily life, which is pretty interesting. Ciel can gain stat increases by discovering new areas by scavenging items on the surface of the earth. All of this counts at the end.

The game is scheduled to appear on the Nintendo Switch on 21st February.