David Jaffer, The God Of War Creator Reveals The Release Time Of Playstation 5

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As suggested by the ongoing rumors, Sony is all set to reveal the PlayStation 5 in the month of February, as it seems that the next-generation console will finally see the daylight in the next month.

David Jaffer, the God of War creator is adamant that Sony will reveal the PlayStation 5 in FebruaryOn Thursday, he stated, ‘PlayStation 5 reveal is less than four weeks away. Sony knows hardcore gamers are hanging on every scrap of info and know that just cause Microsoft dominates the conversation at the moment, that’s an easy thing to change when they are ready to reveal (assuming the reveal is good).

After this statement, the creator of God of War took to Twitter and said, ‘I want to say it’s the worst kept secret in games right now. February reveal as they did for PS4.’

Though David had left Sony in 2007, he is still in the close circle of the employees of the company, so it can be assumed that his statements are accurate. His own development studio has also released games for the platform of PlayStation 4, such as Drawn to Death, which was released in 2017.

Though David didn’t reveal the name of the informer, it can be assumed that someone from the company did it.

Earlier this week, Sony had announced that the PlayStation 5 won’t be available for the year’s E3 event, as they are looking to skip the annual convention just like the previous year. After this statement, the company started an event named ‘Experience PlayStation’ that started on 14th January and is scheduled to go on till 16th February. This event is based in the city of New York and is being held for the 25-year celebration of PlayStation.

Many fans have predicted that the PlayStation 5 will be launched on the final day of the event, which is less than two fortnights away.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is also set to be released in this holiday season. So it seems like Sony cannot wait long to show off the PS5.

Though the rumors haven’t been clarified, leaked pictures of PS5 have been going around on the internet for months. But, if the news is true, then can expect some fireworks in the month of February.