Teresa and Joe Giudice’s Marriage Spanning 20 Years was a Chargesheet of Scandals and Cheating Rumors Up Until Their Recent Split

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In recent news, Joe & Teresa Giudice’s 20-Year Relationship Timeline Was Filled With Cheating Rumors & Scandals Before Their Split  just earlier this month. They parted ways after spending 20 years of their lives together but the news did not come as a shock for many. The couple hit their share of lows especially in recent months owing to Joe’s ordeal with deportation that led to breakup rumors. However, their issues were more than just that which started a while back.

27-years-old Teresa and Joe have known each other throughout their lives before they took their wedding vows on 23rd October 1999. The couple was fast in starting a family with their daughter, Gia’s birth in January 2001.

Their family expanded over the years and their second daughter, Gabriella was born in October of 2004 while their 3rd daughter, Milania was born in 2006 in February.

It was when Teresa was carrying their fourth daughter, Audriana in 2009 when the couple was added as original cast members of Real Housewives of New Jersey with the first season premiering on 12th May in the same year. Audriana was born four months after the premiere of the show was telecast.

However, their life on television may have looked like a fairytale life but the challenges of growing in front of the camera instigated personal challenges that took a toll on their relationship. Rumors started flying as Joe’s alleged extra-marital relationship with the kids’ former nanny who was also his appointed secretary also began to do the rounds.

During the 2012 reunion of RHONJ in October, Jacqueline Laurita shared insights about the time when Teresa walked in on her husband with the nanny-cum-secretary on his office desk.

The couple got past all these rumors and they even went on to renew their wedding vows after 12 years of marriage. In an interview with In Touch Weekly, Teresa said that her marriage means a balance between the good and the bad and with a second wedding, the foundation of their relationship only became stronger.

Teresa also wanted to set an example before their daughters regarding the importance of marriage.

Even after that, cheating rumors did not stop. Over the years, it got worse with reports pouring in from everywhere regarding Joe’s multiple alleged affairs with different women. Reports have also stated that Teresa being a religious Italian woman does not believe in the institution of divorce but given the situation, she has considered leaving her husband for good.

This was also the time when the couple came face-to-face with legal issues. There were various charges against them, totaling at 39 including bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and wire fraud among others in July 2013 for which they were indicted. Initially, they pleaded not guilty against all their charges and wanted to go forward with the case against all allegations. However, in March 2014, they pleaded guilty and asked for legal settlements.

The result was their arrest where Teresa and Joe were sentenced to serve in federal prison for 15 months and 41 months respectively. Their terms did not open or close simultaneously because the court ruled that one set of parents need to attend the kids when the other is in jail.

Teresa set foot in prison in January 2015 where she served 11 months. Joe entered prison after that in March of 2016. The worst-hit for the couple was that even during Teresa’s ordeal in prison, the rumors regarding Joe’s alleged affairs continued to do the rounds. Somebody even reported seeing Joe with a girl by the name Jamie Jackson in Atlantic City; however, Joe denied all claims.

After Joe stepped into a federal prison to serve his sentence, the complexities of the relationship affected Teresa to large extents.

In 2017, it was reported by an insider that Teresa is furious with Joe and his doings for putting the family through this situation. During that time, Teresa was flying high in success when she hit rock bottom. From materialistic to individualistic pleasures, the family had it all and Joe stands responsible for disrupting their lives. She used to visit her husband in prison during his initial days but over time, the frequency went down.

It was not long that owing to unending infidelity rumors against Joe, Teresa started considering divorce in the October of 2017 right after her husband’s release from prison.

Teresa said in her book, Standing Strong that many people believed that she might never leave Joe but given the circumstances, she will not think twice before ending the marriage.

The order of Joe’s deportation, on the other hand, was passed by a judge in October 2018 and during that time, paparazzi caught Teresa on camera with Blake Schreck who is almost 20 years younger to her on multiple occasions. During the reunion of RHONJ in 2019, Teresa subtly hinted that her marriage with Joe is over for good because of the complications of a long-distance relationship.

Joe’s term ended in October 2019 and he lived in Italy for a brief period waiting for his deportation appeal. Teresa, along with their four daughter visited Joe in November where the couple unanimously decided that it is time to go their separate ways.

The news of their split might be very new but everyone was expecting the divorce anyway. Sources say that nobody was shocked or taken aback after coming to know of this decision. Even their daughters already knew where things were going and their trip to Italy was all about spending time together as a family and also discussing how their life will change after the split.

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