Ignoring All Romance Rumors Future And Lori Harvey Together Travel To Nigeria

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It was only sometime back when rapper Future and Lori Harvey went together for a vacation to Abu Dhabi and now Future and Lori Harvey both travel to Nigeria amid romance rumors.

According to reports, the 22-year-old beauty has also received an expensive and pretty Rolex watch from him this Christmas.

Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter seems to be traveling quite a lot and she documents her trips and shares them on social media.

Having said that, the 22-year-old is currently filling up her social media feeds with content from Lagos, Nigeria which is also the place where her rumored boyfriend is all set to perform tomorrow evening. This can’t be a mere coincidence, or is it?

Before the post, she also said that she was getting ready to fly to a location during an IG clip of her friend Nikki Hightower.

The post was made in a way where her close friend was seen enjoying some champagne and she casually asked her where they were heading to.

The co-owner of SacDelux also took to her social media platform to share photos from their journey.

In another post, she wrote to Nikki that it’s time for both of them to go and was supported by a clip where Lori was waving from the pod in front of her.

Followed to this Nikki confirmed that they both were in Lagos as she shared two vivid pictures of the place’s streets in a car.

As reports were already out the Future was set to perform in Lagos for the first time and the location of his show was Eko Hotel and Suites.

Previously the rapper has made an announcement on his IG stories in which he welcomed all his Nigerian followers to his first-ever show in Lagos which was scheduled on December 29th.

He also made it a point to share a couple of pictures from his trip post his arrival in the country.