Cardi B Uploads Adorable Clip Of Her Hubby Offset Planting A Peck On Daughter Kulture

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Cardi B and Offset’s fans are witnessing heightened popularity among netizens owing to their daughter Kulture Kiari becoming the cynosure of all eyes lately. Kulture is getting a lot of affection from her parents, and the cute moments pertaining to her conversations with them have already made their way to social media. Cardi B Posts Cute Clip Of Hubby Offset Smooching Daughter Kulture!

Recently, the female emcee shared a short clip that captures the Migos member kissing their one-year-old daughter.

Dressed in a red beanie, Kulture looks exactly like her mother and appears to be quite cosy. As the rapper parents are quite busy throughout the year, it seems that they took advantage of their rare day off and chose to bestow some more love on their daughter.

The short boomerang clip shot by Cardi B has her hubby Offset planting a kiss on Kulture’s forehead, and the clip is already winning hearts. The moment was absolutely heart-warming for the mother of one, as is evident from the caption, ‘My babies’, which she chose for the clip. As the daughter was heavily dressed to suit the cold weather in Atlanta where she as well as Offset had closed house, she informed her followers that ‘Imma start dressing KK more girly soon. It just be heard cause it’s cold outside.’

Regardless, Kulture’s dressing style has become the center of attention among everyone. She looked extremely stylish and cool in her winter attire. She seems to be a promising fashionista. After all, she was entirely dressed in designer clothes.

Her winter getup also included a Burberry bomber jacket and a matching bag. The child looked all the more cute owing to the red beanie with a fur puff which she was wearing to keep her head warm.