Spontaneous Blizzards, Appearing Throughout The Map, Greet Fortnite Players




Fortnite players have always had a habit of experiencing unexpected events happening on the Battle Royale map. As of now, the players are confronting the wrath of blizzards. Avid players of the game have been posting several screenshots on the Fortnite Reddit page. The uploaded screenshots pertain to the kind of blizzard besetting their game in one way or another. Fortnite Players Are Dealing With Random Blizzards Appearing Throughout The Map.

The blizzard proves to be a big hurdle for the players owing to the lack of visibility it causes. So, at one moment the gamer might see a player in their crosshairs, while at other moments, the player might have to confront a blizzard. With the onset of the winter storms, the gamer’s visibility is significantly reduced.

However, it is interesting to note that a new in-game event has started. The duration till which the blizzards will continue to litter the map is also unknown to the players.

The developer of Fortnite, that is Epic Games, is known for delighting in introducing unexpected elements in the course of the game, and revealing the reason behind the same weeks later.

The incorporation of the giant frozen meteor in the sky above Factory in the course of Season 10 of Chapter 1 is perhaps the best example. In the lack of any explanation from Epic Games, it continued to stay on the map for quite a while. Then, finally, in the concluding event of Chapter 1 known as “The End”, it came crashing down onto the map.

Eventually, this left the players staring at a black hole for quite a few days until Epic Games welcomed Season 2. Generally, there are hints preceding the introduction of new events in the course of the game. OutcastMunkee, one of the users on Reddit, recounted seeing a storm on the monitor while the Chaos Rising screen was loading. This could happen to be a signal that a storm is on the way for Fortnite players.

Disregarding the warnings, the blizzards are here, now, and the Fortnite community is trying hard to seek answers to the introduction of the same.

Epic Games has had a commendable track-record of maintaining fresh content on Fortnite over the years, while keeping their gamers engaged. There is always something new to delight the Fortnite players, like constant new microtransactions or in-game events similar to this one.

Thus, it is not surprising when Fortnite has been declared game of the year by several critics for successive years. Fortnite understands the fact that it will have to keep introducing some or the other new feature. This ensures that the players remain hooked to the game day-in and day-out.