The Pokemon Company Apologizes For The Errors In Official Pokémon Sword And Pokémon Shield Guidebook




The publishers of a game can sometimes mess things up when it comes to in-game content. An official Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Guidebook is riddled with errors, and The Pokemon Company apologizes for it.

The book named ‘Pokémon Sword Shield Official Guide Book Complete Story Strategies + Garal Encyclopedia’ didn’t pass the editing process.

Developed by Overlap Co. Ltd. and released on 7th December 2019, it received a lot of backlashes. Posted on the Japanese website of the Pokémon Company, a letter read ‘the data and data provided by Pokémon Co., Ltd. at the time of editing work are incorrect. Yes, and it turned out that there were multiple errors based on it’.

A PDF was also released by The Pokémon Company, stating all the errors in the book.

It was pretty amazing that none had caught the errors of the game, though many parties were included in the production of the book.

Well, nobody knows how The Pokémon Company will resolve this issue. Besides, there are questions, whether they would reprint books, correcting the mistakes or take it as a lesson.

Reprinting the books would certainly be costly. And, they might end up selling the already printed books and the books that are going to be published will have the corrected information.

Also, there are many people who have been led astray through the directions on the guidebook. Luckily, they could’ve got the right answers by searching on Google. But, still following an incorrect guide isn’t good for Japanese players.

Reportedly, the American guidebook named ‘Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield: The Official Galar Region Strategy Guide’ is errorless, compared to the Japanese counterpart.

The latest addition to the Pokémon franchise, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield has been liked by gamers around the globe. The installments are fragments of the 8th generation of Pokémon, set in the region of Galar.