With Event Horizon: Space Defense Coming to Nintendo Switch, Tailor Your Space Squadron And Wipe Out The Alien Factions

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Event Horizon: Space Defense, designed as a hardcore arcade-style space shooter, enables the player to pilot a powerful space squadron. In the game, more than a dozen alien sects take up the mission to annihilate the gamer’s star-base. Customize Your Space Fleet And Destroy The Alien Factions In Event Horizon: Space Defense, Coming To Nintendo Switch.

The game settings of Event Horizon: Space Defense is much like other arcade space shooters. In the clandestine sequence of the game, the players are required to confront the enemies by means of their spaceship, so as to complete the present level before moving on to the next level. The primary aim of the players in the game is to strive for scoring higher and higher.

The gamers are also expected to shield the star-base at all costs by taking charge of a spaceship to fight against any potential threats for it.

At first, the IUD might seem a bit mind-boggling. However, after a rapid tutorial match, the players are expected to get a hang of it.

The screen layout of the game is quite neat. The stats of the space station that the player is expected to shield are displayed on the top left gauge, while the total number of lives which the player’s spaceship has and the armor gauge, as well as energy gauge, is shown to the right of it. As goes the norm of arcade space shooters, the player cannot just keep on shooting throughout the duration of the game, for a major chunk of the energy is used up in doing so. Hence, the player has to judiciously chalk out his strategy so as to ensure minimum energy loss.

The stats of the enemy spaceship in immediate proximity are displayed in the top right corner of the UID. The player will be required to exhaust the red gauge, which is its armor, to wipe out the spaceship. The number of enemies surviving in the vicinity is displayed just below that.

As soon as the player annihilates all the enemies, he automatically unlocks the next level, besides winning rewards which he can utilize to upgrade his spaceship, thus making it sturdier and irrepressible.

If the player ends up failing to guard the space station or losing all of the spaceship’s lives, he would eventually lose the game.

The more the player progresses in the course of the game the more scope he has of unlocking various spaceships. The game provides more than 100 unique spaceships, which can be unlocked by the player. The ships are also customizable to a large extent. The gamer has the liberty to transform the layout of his spacecraft, besides making a choice from among different weapons. The gamer also has the option of upgrading his armor available for him.

The players in the game will need to master the art of customization so as to move on to the higher levels.

Event Horizon: Space Defense will be available on the Nintendo Switch from 13th December onwards, and avid gamers can get it at a pocket pinch of $6.99 through the Nintendo eShop.