Sony Finally Agrees To Bring Minecraft Bedrock To Cross-Play





Sony has refused to shake hands with other companies to allow Minecraft cross-play on its platform for a long time. The report says that a lack of cooperation from other companies instigated Sony to take this sort of decision. Last year Nintendo and Microsoft have joined together to release the cross-play of the well-known game on Nintendo Switch but it didn’t click.

Sony remained firm on its decision for a long time, which eventually didn’t gratify the Minecraft fans who were looking to enjoy the game with their all other Minecraft friend. However, someone from Sony must have seen the scope and this may be the reason Minecraft Bedrock Comes To Playstation 4; Sony Finally Yields To Cross-Play.

Sony collaborates with Switch, Xbox One, Windows 10 and even with more mobile platforms which means that for the very first time the Minecraft fans of any specified platform will get the opportunity to play with others of any other different platform. As earlier in June of 2018 Nintendo Switch has agreed to join the party, so the fans were eagerly waiting for this official announcement over a year.

Microsoft who also owns a share of Minecraft thanks for this opportunity, they’ve already in touch with Sony for a few days. The company has specified that there were some initial discussions to take a call about the debut of Minecraft Bedrock on Playstation 4, but one has to presume that a majority of these talks are to bring Sony to the forefront.

The key factor in Sony’s concern to join the party in spite of all it’s unwillingness can be said that as Microsoft owns Minecraft, so the players need to have a Microsoft account to play the Bedrock version. Thus, the players don’t have to pay for the Xbox Live Gold account to play but to track all their progress and purchase the Microsoft account will help them.

The renovated version of the game is all set to go and download on PlayStation 4, the players are already excited for the cross-platform version.