Nene Leakes Making Headlines After A Rant Defending Celebrities Wearing Same Outfits More Than One Time That Included The Likes Of Michelle Obama And More




It has been hot news that NeNe Leakes is quite upset for the past few days over an incident involving her friend, Andy Cohen. Andy pointed out that she has worn a red dress on more than one occasion concluding that it does not really match her status as a public figure.

NeNe lost no time in defending herself and speaking against this statement by posting a long and detailed message on her social media handle over Andy’s unexpected statement that instigated disappointment and a flaming reaction.

There is no recovery from this and NeNe Leakes Mentions Michelle Obama And More Famous Ladies In Her Ranton social media and also posted pictures of the former First Lady and other female celebrities rocking and repeating dresses in public events with little or no change in accessories.

As per her, this was no short of shaming and everyone, including celebrities, should have the right to wear whatever they like and how many times they want to.

NeNe’s post raised questions as to why there should be any problem in the first place if celebrities repeat outfits. They sure look smashing and beautiful and she too will choose to wear whatever and whenever she wants to. She is proud of her outfits and does not see any harm in repeating what she feels comfortable in.

One follower expressed her support by cheering her spirit. She said that especially within the Black community, many people spend unnecessary money just to live up to social standards. She also shared an anecdote of her friend from South Africa who said that everyone should make use of a washer that will clean outfits and get them ready to be worn again. There is no need to prove anything to anybody as long as you feel good, confident, and comfortable in your clothes.

Another follower also spoke up in support of NeNe saying that in this regard, she is guilty as charged and she herself repeats clothes over and over again and then blamed it all on social media that set these standards of what to wear and when to wear them. Nobody can judge a person’s dressing choices.

One follower also said that everyone spends a lot of money on stocking clothes and some outfits definitely are worth rocking multiple times.

Another one spoke in support of her saying that NeNe should pay no attention to Andy’s superficial comment and cheered her vigor. She also added that fashion does not change in the flick of a second and can stay on for as long as one chooses to.

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